Interested in Becoming a Speaker at the Next MarketMix?

MarketMix 2022 Focuses on the Future of Marketing

We’re looking to find marketing industry leaders to speak to this year’s topic, the future of marketing. If that sounds like you, please submit your application today.

The deadline for speaker submission is Friday, April 8, 2022 at 11:59pm PST

Types of Speaking Opportunities

Lightning Talks

The Lightning Talks showcase three (3) individual speakers, each with a 10-minute presentation. There will be five (5) minutes between each speaker for questions and time for the setup of the next speaker.


Presentations will consist of one presenter hosting a 45-minute (Breakout) to 1-hour session (Keynote) on a relevant topic or issue. 

These presentations should provide industry-leading insights into a topical subject matter. Access to AV equipment will be provided upon request.

Panel Discussion

Consisting of one (1) moderator and four (4) panelists, the panel members will present their views on a common topic or issue, and discuss with the audience. 

Panel selection should be based on the importance, originality, focus and timeliness of the topic; expertise of proposed panelists; as well as the potential for informative and controversial discussion.


Workshops are intended to enhance the skills of the attendees. They should be designed for learning a new area or to provide advanced technical training in marketing. 

Submissions should be selected on the basis of the facilitator’s qualifications for teaching the proposed workshop and impact to the overall conference.

The MarketMix Audience

250+ Attendees
2,000 Email Subscribers
1,000+ Monthly Website Visitors
1,000+ Social Media Followers

MarketMix attendees are in the manager-and-director level roles, senior leadership (C-suite), those on the front lines with no direct reports, students, and academics. Most attendees work in an operations management capacity.

Additional Speaker Benefits Include

  • Speaker promotion on all MM22 materials (digital and print)
  • (1) free ticket to MM22
  • Attendee badge with speaker status
  • Availability for branded presentations OR ability to add your brand to MM22 PPT Template
  • Speakers-only lounge access
    • Vanity table for last-minute touch ups
    • Exclusive access to fellow speakers
    • Private food and hydration station

Please Note Our Expectations for Speakers

  • No sales pitches
  • Presentation aligns with the overall theme of the event and AMA’s mission
  • All presentations will be reviewed for approval. 
  • Provide any updated session information to the MM22 committee
  • Speakers will promote MM22 to their networks

Interested in Speaking?

If this all sounds great, we’d love to receive your application. You’ll be asked basic questions about you and your presentation. Any questions, please reach out to