Mentor Program

-Membership Benefit-

The AMA Puget Sound Mentor Program is designed to serve both the personal and professional growth of our members and stimulate a culture of lifelong learning for our future marketing leaders. The program connects experienced marketing professionals with aspiring professionals in a supportive environment to share knowledge, wisdom and real-world industry experience. Mentors and mentees are guided during their 6-month mentoring journey through monthly emails.


  • Grow your Puget Sound marketing network.
  • Cross-generational learning with your peers.
  • Dedication to practicing leadership skills, at the mentee and mentor level.

Time Commitment

Once a mentee and mentor have been connected, the pair will be guided through a 6-month relationship journey. During the relationship, the pair will receive monthly program communications, including additional resources, tips and relevant articles.


After several years of experimentation, it has been found that mentoring relationships are most successful when the mentee has the opportunity to choose their mentor. During the application, potential mentees are asked to list their top 2-3 mentor choices. Mentors have the option to agree or decline the match.


Participation in the AMA Puget Sound Mentor Program is open to current members only. Not a current member?


Those interested in becoming a mentee, visit the Mentee Program for more information about participation and to apply for the program. For those interested in participating as a mentor, visit the Mentor Program.

General Policy

The AMA Puget Sound welcomes all of its members to participate in the Mentoring Program. Mentor and Mentee qualifications will be reviewed by the Mentoring Program Committee as part of the application and matching process. it is the policy of the AMA Puget Sound to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

For information regarding the AMA Puget Sound Mentor Program, please email the Mentor Program Manager at Please do not email your resume.