Section 1. Membership Classes. 

The membership classifications and qualifications of the Chapter shall be the same as those of the currently approved Bylaws of the Association. 

Section 2. Membership Dues. 

Chapter dues for all regular members shall be $60.00. Chapter dues for affiliated university AMA members shall be $5.00. 

All dues are payable from the national office of the American Marketing Association upon admission to membership and annually thereafter. Chapter dues shall be determined by the by ballot of Chapter Board of Directors, with voted changes notified to the general membership one month in advance of being implemented. 

Proposed changes in the Chapter membership dues structure must be submitted to a vote of the entire Chapter membership for approval or rejection. Notice of such action and the results shall be promptly communicated to the national office of the American Marketing Association for submission to the Association Board of Directors. 


Section 1. Election Schedule. 

Standing officers (Chapter Executive Board) shall be given opportunity to continue in their respective board positions by inclusion on the forthcoming election slate. The opportunity for self-nomination shall be communicated to chapter members at large by AMAPS Tuesday Update notification not later than 15 February, and responses to the President-elect not later than 25 February. A quorum of the chapter executive board members is responsible for determining the final board slate of officers for the forthcoming fiscal year, and notifying the membership by AMAPS Tuesday Update. Election results shall be transmitted to AMA National prior to March 31. Executive board officers and other appointed committee members shall assume responsibility on the first day of the AMA National fiscal year (1 July) and remain in office until 30 June of the following year. 

Section 2. Officers. 

Chapter officers who comprise the Executive Board and are subject to election are: 

1) President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Chapter performing all duties expected of the office and required by the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws, or if not specified, those approved by the Executive Board. The President shall be a member ex officio of all committees, sections, boards, councils and task forces. 

The President shall be responsible for adherence to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Marketing Association as they relate to the operation of Chapter activities, such as: 

  1. b) Submit all changes in the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws within ten days after approval of such changes by the Chapter, 

2) President-Elect: The President-Elect shall prepare for succession to the presidency in accordance with the Chapter Constitution. The President-Elect shall automatically succeed to the Presidency at the end of the year following their election to the office of President-Elect. The President-Elect shall grant aid to the President in the carrying out of the duties and responsibilities of the office in a mutually satisfactory coordinated effort designed to provide a continuity of Association administration. The President-Elect shall act in the extended absence of the President or in the case of the President’s disability, and in these cases, shall have all the rights, responsibilities, authority and duties of the President, notifying the President immediately upon the President’s return of actions so taken in the President’s absence. 

Should the President be unable to continue in office, the President-Elect shall assume the office of the President subject to ratification by a majority of the Executive Board. Should the President-Elect be unable to serve or be ratified, the COO shall call a meeting of the Executive Board to elect successors. 

The President-Elect shall be responsible for adherence to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Marketing Association as they relate to the operation of Chapter activities, such as: 

Submit a list of Chapter officers to the national office of the American Marketing Association within ten days after the election, 

3) Chief Operations Officer (COO): The Chief Operations Officer shall conduct correspondence with members and others, prepare the minutes and historical records of the Chapter, conduct elections, maintain contact with the Association, and perform other duties usual to the office of an organization COO, under advisory supervision of the President and the Board. 

The COO shall be responsible for organizing long-term planning for the Board, and identifying benchmarks for the association.

The COO shall be responsible for adherence to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Marketing Association as they relate to the operation of Chapter activities, such as: 

Transmit minutes of chapter board meetings to the AMA National website. 

4) Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The Chief Financial Officer shall act in accordance with the Chapter Constitution and supervise the financial affairs of the CFO shall deposit all moneys received in banks approved by the Executive Board, prepare an annual budget, make investments as authorized by the Executive Board, supervise disbursements and payments, serve as financial counsel to the Board, and properly maintain Chapter accounting records. The CFO shall prepare reports of the financial condition of the Chapter whenever required by the Board or the President, as well as required monthly financial reports to National AMA through the COO. At least once annually a financial report shall be submitted to the membership. All financial records shall be transmitted to the CFO successor. 

The Chief Financial Officer shall be responsible for adherence to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Marketing Association as they relate to the operation of Chapter activities, such as:

Submit the annual audited Chapter financial statement to the national office of the American Marketing Association.

Submit recommendations for change of Chapter dues to the national office of the American Marketing Association along with a record of the vote on such a proposal by the Chapter membership.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): The Chief Technology Officer shall act in accordance with the Chapter Constitution and be the primary administrator for all technical resources and tools for the Chapter. The CTO shall prepare an annual report of resource costs, give administrative access to applicable board members and volunteers, and recommend tools/resources to alleviate obstacles in processes.

Immediate-Past President, who shall be responsible for assisting the incoming president with guidance and direction for the future. 

The Immediate Past-President shall serve a term of one-year on the Chapter Executive Board, immediately following chapter president role, with responsibilities requested by and agreed with the President, e.g. to provide policy and strategy governance, ensure chapter officer compliance with the chapter constitution and bylaws, and to guide and mentor officers as assigned. 

Chapter committee vice-presidents may appoint sub-committee chairpersons for various functions, programs and events. 

Additional members of the Chapter Executive Board, who may be appointed are: 

At-Large Board Member, who shall be responsible for developing and coordinating the activities and events within other committees as a supporting board role to complete projects and campaigns. Two (2) At-Large Board members are allowed to serve simultaneously.

Vice President/Business Development, who shall be responsible for securing community business and individual sponsorships to support Chapter programs and events organized by respective committee vice-presidents. 

Vice President/Career Development, who shall be responsible for securing educational partnerships to support Chapter life-long learning programs and events organized by respective committee vice presidents.

Vice President/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), who shall be responsible for securing partnerships, education, events, sponsorships, and Chapter sponsoring opportunities organized by respective vice presidents.

Vice President/Communications, who shall be responsible for publicizing and promoting the Chapter and its programs organized by respective vice presidents, National AMA, sponsors, partners, and fellow Chapter activities.

Vice President/MarkMix, who shall be responsible for organizing, managing, promoting AMAPS’s one-day marketing conference with securing speakers, sponsors, location, and other Chapter elements provided by respective vice presidents.

Vice President/Membership, who shall be responsible for recruiting and retaining members, and conducting the chapter mentorship program, including collegiate, young professional and professional members. 

Vice President/Programming, who shall be responsible for developing and coordinating 

the annual program of chapter events: luncheons, breakfast meetings, etc, as well as special events not defined by these bylaws. 

Vice President/South Sound, who shall be responsible for developing and coordinating activities and events respective of members and non-members in the South Sound.

Vice President/Volunteers, who shall be responsible for recruiting and screening 

volunteers to meet identified chapter committee needs. 

Section 3. Paid Administration. 

The Board may employ a qualified person or persons, who may or may not be a member of the Chapter, to provide staff for the Chapter and to exercise such powers and authority as may be delegated by the Board. 


Section 1. Standing Committees. 

The Standing Committees of this Chapter shall include the Nominating Committee and such other committees created by the Board, Pulse Awards, Market Mix and marketing research.

Standing committees shall be created by the President and Vice Presidents responsible for respective activities with the approval of the chapter executive board. Those appointed by committee Vice-Presidents as sub-committee chairpersons shall serve until discharged or successors appointed. 

Section 2. The Board Member Nominating Committee. 

The President-elect is responsible for organizing the annual Nominating Committee, to include the President-elect and immediate Past president, two members of the Board of Directors and two members of the Chapter at large. 

Nominating members-at-large shall be invited by email notification to general membership with reply required to President-elect not later than 1 February. No member or Director interested in being nominated for an elective Chapter office is eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee. 

Section 3. Committee Review. 

Except for the Nominating Committee, the status of each executive board committee shall be reviewed at least annually by the Board of Directors to determine need for continuance. 

Section 4. Representation for National/Regional Conference and Committees. 

As appropriate, the President of the Chapter, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the Chapter’s representatives for the National Conferences and Committees. 

Section 5. Committee Vice-presidents are responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities set forth in the appended Standing Chapter Policies and Procedures. 

Article IV Amendments 

Section 1. Bylaw Amendments. 

Amendments to these Chapter bylaws shall be adopted by the Board of Directors. Amendments may be proposed for consideration by any member of the Board of Directors or may be brought to the Board’s attention upon petition of two percent of the voting members of the Association. 

Amendments must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting, or may be presented at Board meeting for discussion only, and then approved at a subsequent meeting (email, telephone, video, slack, or otherwise) of the Board. To be adopted an amendment must receive an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds (⅔) of the Directors at a duly convened meeting. 


Section 1. Chapter Year. 

The fiscal year of the Chapter shall coincide with the year of the National American Association; i.e., July 1 to June 30. 

Section 2. Chapter Meetings. 

Regular Chapter meetings open to all members will be held monthly, except as decided by vote of a quorum of executive board members. 

Section 3. Attendance at Meetings. 

All meetings are open to members and non-members invited to attend by a member of the Chapter. 

Section 4. Custodianship. 

The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Constitution and Bylaws, including amendments, and responsible to admit access for board member access to the appropriate technology tools (ex. assigned email address, Google Drive, slack, etc.). 

Section 5. Constitution and Bylaws.

The chapter Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed for content accuracy, necessary or appropriate changes, by the president at the start of the fiscal year and presentation to the executive board. 


Section 1. Policy. 

Board members and members of executive board committees and subcommittees shall avoid conflict of interest or potential appearance of such conflict by disclosing such conflict or potential conflict of interest and by not participating in the discussion or vote of the particular matter. 

Section 2. Procedure. 

Any Board member or member of a Board committee who has a conflict of interest or is aware that there may be the appearance of such a conflict of interest, shall disclose the same to the Board or committee, and shall not participate in the committee or in a meeting of the Board on the matter. The Board member in the conflict may not be counted as part of the quorum related to the vote on the issue. The Board member in the conflict may respond to a request for information or to provide consultation, but shall otherwise not participate in the discussion. If there is a dispute as to whether a conflict of interest exists, the Chair shall decide the matter. If the person in the conflict situation is the Chair, the Chair shall step down and not participate during consideration of this issue. The minutes of any meeting at which such disclosure or discussion of conflict is made shall fully record the proceeding. 

Date Approved by Chapter: Dates Amended by Chapter: 

21 February 1974, 22 April 1983, 1 April 1984, 18 March 1991, 1 February 1993, 10 March 1994, 31 March 1995, 31 March 1998, 1 February 2000, 1 April 2000, 28 February 2003, 10 February 2015, 08 February 2016, 14 December 2021

Submitted by and attested to: Julie Lichtenberg, Immediate Past President

Date approved by the Association Representative: 12/14/2021