Why Belong to AMA Puget Sound?

The best and brightest marketing professionals know that the American Marketing Association is the largest and most prestigious marketing organization in the Puget Sound. 

Our network and community that has been developed within AMA Puget Sound are what differentiates us from other industry organizations, locally and nationally. Our energy and momentum continue to grow with our membership, and we encourage potential new members to capitalize on that momentum.

We want to include all levels of experience in our Chapter because we know we have a lot to learn from each other. From AMA National you can expect with your membership:

Additionally, AMAPS members enjoy these local benefits:


With 65+ professional chapters across North America, network with other professionals and share ideas about what’s happening in marketing.


Connect with peers who understand your research challenges and join a network that can help you find solutions to advance your career.


Gain insights into what a career in the field looks like with relevant speakers and events as well as a space to network with like-minded peers.

*Collegiate members receive on-year of professional membership following the graduation of an Undergraduate degree.

**Group discounts are available for 3-30 members of any type, managed by a single payer.