WHEREAS the American Marketing Association, an association of individuals interested in advancing the discipline of marketing, provides for the formation of chartered chapters to  promote frequent contact and discussion among members to advance the profession, the American Marketing Association Puget Sound Chapter is established. 

Article I 


Section 1. Name. 

The name of this association shall be the American Marketing Association Puget Sound Chapter (AMAPS).

Section 2. Purposes. 

The purpose of the Chapter must be in furtherance of the purposes of the  Association, and shall include, but are not limited to:

1) Providing a forum for the personal and professional development of its members 


2) Providing an opportunity to focus on current issues of importance to its members. 


3) Providing a pool of marketing leaders for perpetuation of the Chapter. 


4) Supporting the goals and initiatives of the Association 


5) Serving as part of the two-way channel of communication between the national  organization and individual members. 

Article II 


Section 1. Precedence of American Marketing Association Constitution and Bylaws. 

This Chapter shall operate in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws prescribed by the Board of  Directors of the American Marketing Association, a copy of which is attached to and an integral  part of this document. This Chapter Constitution and Bylaws may contain additional provisions  insofar as they are not in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, and Bylaws of  the Association. 

Section 2. Policies. 

This chartered Chapter shall cooperate with the Association and operate in  accordance with Association policy. The right to continue as a Chapter and use the American Marketing Association name and trademark are subject to revocation by three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors of the Association in the event of failure by the Chapter to operate in  accordance with policy established by the American Marketing Association.


Article III 


Section 1. Qualifications. Any person who qualifies for and accepts membership in the  American Marketing Association may be admitted to membership in this Chapter. 

Section 2. Procedures. Provisions regarding qualification and application for membership,  admission to membership, and arbitration procedures resulting therefrom are binding  for this Chapter as specified in the Constitution of the American Marketing Association. 

Section 3. Mandatory Chapter Membership. 

The Puget Sound Chapter exercises the right to  require mandatory membership in the Chapter as a prerequisite to national affiliation for both  new and reinstated regular professional members and for other than first-year associate members  in the following Puget Sound counties of Washington State: King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, and Kitsap. 

Section 4. Membership Dues. 

Proposed changes in the Chapter membership dues structure must  be submitted to a vote of the entire Chapter membership for approval or rejection. Notice of such action and the results shall be promptly communicated to the national office of the American Marketing Association for submission to the Association Board of Directors. 

Article IV 


Section 1. Voting Rights. 

Each Chapter member in good standing, with the exception of student members, shall have one vote on all Chapter matters upon which members are entitled to vote. 

Section 2. Meetings of Members. 

General Membership meetings may be scheduled by action of  the Board of Directors, the President, or by a membership petition signed by two percent or ten (whichever is greater) of the voting members. Notice of such meeting shall be emailed to each voting member at least thirty days prior to its scheduled time. Each action taken at such a membership meeting which requires total membership ratification or rejection shall be submitted  to the total voting membership for such action by email. 


Article V 


Section 1. Nomination by Nominating Committee. 

The Nominating Committee, formed in compliance with the Bylaws, shall nominate annually from among the voting members of the Chapter candidates for each elective position to be filled. Elective offices for this Chapter are specified in the Bylaws, consistent with provisions of the AMA Constitution and Bylaws.  

Section 2. Nomination by Chapter Membership. 

Any member may recommend candidates to the Nominating Committee. Any eligible member may be proposed by a petition signed by two percent (2%) or ten (10), whichever is greater, of the Chapter members eligible to vote. The Nominee so proposed shall be added to the slate presented by the Nominating Committee. Such a petition shall be accompanied by needed biographical data and willingness to serve if elected. Bylaws shall prescribe a time schedule that will permit reasonable opportunity to petition between the announcement of nomination and the elections.


Article VI 


Section 1. Function and Composition. 

The business and property of the Chapter shall be  managed and controlled by the Board of Directors. The full Board of Directors shall be composed of the Officers, Executive Board, and no less than four Directors, and the Immediate Past President. The Officers of the Board of Directors shall be composed of the President, President-Elect, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technology Officer. The Executive Board shall be composed of the Officers, the Immediate Past President, and all Vice Presidents specified in the Bylaws. 

The Executive Board shall approve or disapprove all budgets and activities proposed by  the President, other officers and committees, and aid in the implementation of Chapter objectives  and policies. The Board shall exchange ideas with other Chapters and with the Association and  shall suggest ideas, policies, and procedures to enhance the value of the organization to its  members. It shall decide its own quorum procedures. Any voting member of the Chapter shall  be eligible for election or appointment to the Board of Directors, except a member of the  Nominating Committee. 

Section 2. Terms of Office. 

Each Officer, Vice President and Director of the Puget Sound Chapter shall be elected or appointed, as specified, for a term of one year. Their installation shall take place at the last monthly meeting of the fiscal year. Board members, other than officers, may be reelected or appointed to a maximum of three consecutive terms in their current capacity. Officers may serve a maximum of one additional consecutive term in their current capacity. 

Section 3. Meetings.

The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places as the President of the Chapter, or as a majority vote or petition of the Board shall determine. Board members who fail to attend Board meetings for three consecutive times may be dropped at the discretion of the Board. 

Section 4. Vacancies. 

In the event of a vacancy, the President shall fill the Board position by appointment for the remainder of the term of office, subject to ratification by a majority of the Executive Board. 

Section 5. Control and Disposition of Assets. 

1) The Board may accept on behalf of the Chapter any contribution, gift, bequest or device  including real estate for any purpose of the Chapter and the American Marketing Association. 


2) The American Marketing Association shall not be responsible for any debts or obligations of the Chapter, and the Chapter shall not be responsible for any obligations of the Association. 


3) Termination of membership of any member of the Chapter by removal, or death, or  resignation, dissolution of the Chapter, or otherwise, shall terminate all equity of that  member in the property, assets, and funds of the Chapter and the Association. 


4) In the event of a dissolution of the Chapter, the disposition of any assets remaining, after payment of all its liabilities shall have been made or provided for, shall revert to the American Marketing Association General Fund. 


5) The President shall annually appoint an auditor to examine the financial records of the  Chapter. A copy of the Auditor’s report and the annual financial statement of the Chapter shall be sent to the national office of the American Marketing Association.


Article VII 


The Board of Governors shall consist of all past Presidents who are members of the Chapter in  good standing. This group shall serve in an advisory capacity on matters related to planning and  continuity of Chapter growth. It shall counsel with the President on long-term objectives,  policies and activities. It shall elect its own Chairman and shall otherwise organize itself as  deemed necessary. 

Article VIII 


Subject to this Constitution, the basic rules for the management and government of this Chapter  shall be set forth in the Bylaws, which are an integral part of this document. 

Article IX 


Section 1. Constitution. 

For a period of two years from the date of its adoption by the Chapter Board of Directors, this Constitution may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (⅔) of the entire membership of the Board of Directors, provided notice of the amendment has been given to each Director. All Amendments are subject to ratification by the Association Board of Directors. 

Thereafter, this Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of those members voting within  thirty days after the emailing of the ballots to all members eligible to vote, initiated by one of the  following procedures: 

1) By the Board of Directors, or 

2) Upon petition of two (2) percent or ten (10), whichever is greater, of members eligible to vote addressed to the Board through the Chapter  President, with or without recommendation. Changes in the Constitution must be promptly communicated to the membership. 

Effective Date: February 10, 2015; 14 December 2021