How AMA can help you find the right marketing talent

The pandemic of 2020 lasted much longer than any of us expected and left a seismic shift in the job market. Employers and employees have seen much coming and going in the greater Seattle area with new many fresh faces appearing in the Seattle marketing scene. Many talented marketing people from all sides of the industry took the opportunity to work from home and now find themselves in a new location looking for their next exciting opportunity.

You’ve come to the right blog if you’re an employer looking to staff your post-pandemic team with some of the Pacific Northwest’s brightest and most dedicated marketing minds. We’ve got some great tips to aid your search.

Here are three ways for employers and marketing talent to connect in the Seattle area:

Tips for employers:

1) Join the American Marketing Association of Puget Sound as we are geared up for marketing employers – from agency to in-house marketing departments. And if that is the case, we can’t think of a better way to connect you with great marketers than asking you to join our membership or, even better yet, volunteer for our board. Becoming part of the local AMA organization is a great way to meet marketers and get a feel for who they are and how they work.

2) Advertise your open jobs on our job board, which gets thousands of monthly hits. Employer sponsors can list as many jobs as they want on our job board. Posting fees are donated back to our organization for education and career development. In addition, open jobs are sent by email to all members every other month. This is a great way to reach out to the AMA Puget Sound membership with your open positions, including some of Seattle’s most talented marketing minds.

3) Peruse through the thousands of resumes members have posted on our job board. Every week our members and non-members post their resumes, looking for a chance to speak to an employer. By creating a free employer account, you have access to view the resumes of a candidate currently seeking employment. You can also sort the candidates’ resumes in a convenient dashboard to keep potential candidate information in one place.

These are just a few ways employers can find top marketing talent in Seattle. So, if you’re looking for top-notch marketing professionals, be sure to check out these resources. You’re sure to find the perfect candidate for your needs!