Calling All Creatives, Designers, And Marketers to Help Puget Sound Nonprofits

We are all experiencing the impact of COVID-19. From the way we work to the way we socialize; it has changed our daily lives dramatically. The results have been devastating to our local economy and nonprofits. As a chapter with roots in the Puget Sound for over 76 years, we believe organizations that are deeply connected in local communities are in the best position to provide long-term support.

To do our part, we are launching a program to match AMA marketing volunteers to nonprofits. Our goal is simple – to provide marketing skills to help nonprofits navigate these challenging times. From transitioning in-person events to online, digitalizing fundraising campaigns, and general day to day marketing and strategy needs.

By volunteering your time and skills, you can help make a difference in the immediate relief and long-term recovery to organizations that need urgent assistance now.

Marketing Volunteers

We can’t do this without YOU!

Whether you’re in between jobs, looking to meet new people, or advance your personal development, and have time to volunteer, then please complete the form. If you are a business that would like to help or volunteer, then please complete the form, too. Once the form has been submitted, a member of the AMA team will contact you to discuss further.

Volunteer Now

Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Please complete this form and explain what impact COVID-19 has had on your business and how AMA Volunteers can help you.

What Type of Nonprofit

Presently focusing on these broad related nonprofit organizations in the Puget Sound area:

  • Conservation and Environmental
  • Disabilities (Developmental and/or Physical)
  • Employment and Career
  • Education
  • Food banks
  • Homelessness
  • Public healthcare 
  • Social services 
  • Services to seniors

What Type Of Projects Are There

We have a very diverse marketing community and would expect nonprofits to be seeking support in these areas:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Email Campaigns
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Store Presence & Payment Setup
  • Photography 
  • Social Media Analysis & Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Website Creation & Redesign
  • Website Integration

What Is The Expected Length Of a Project

Dependent on what the volunteer and nonprofit agree. We’d expect to be from a couple of hours to 40 hours.

Duration of Campaign

From now through to December 31st 2020

Campaign Guidelines

We really appreciate any time you’re able to volunteer to help our community. 

As a nonprofit ourselves, this campaign is built around trust and commonsense for all. AMA will do its utmost on ensuring successful outcomes both in matchmaking and overseeing the project, but ultimately any project will need to be agreed between the volunteer and organization.

Any additional questions, then please contact us. Thank-you for your support.